Get marketing results from the power of your data

Seamlessly pull all of your customer data from your siloed tools and put it to work. Get one singular view of your customer and automate your acquisition, activation, and retention strategies

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Director of Sales and Growth, Appcues

"Hull allows us to identify key moments when a prospect is moving through the buyers journey and in real time react to those moments via automation or with a person to help the customer take the next step. We have a lot of future plans for hull. It's a weapon for us."


User Acquisition Manager, Lengow

"What makes Hull priceless for us is you can do all those things without a huge amount of custom development."


Ex-VP of Growth, Segment

"Aligning customer audiences across multiple tools is a pain that all marketing & growth teams face. Because Hull centralizes the data store & segmentation engine we've reduced campaign overhead dramatically."

Qualify Leads Faster

Enriched Leads in CRM

Know what you need to know about your lead before you ever hit the send button. Use our powerful integrations to pump information into your CRM or marketing automation platform of choice without exporting and importing over and over again. Or literally push firmographics, technographics, and more from enrichment tools like Clearbit or Datanyze.

Enhanced Lead Scoring and Grading 

Don't just know if a lead is qualified. Know if they're a perfect fit based on extremely specific criterion only leveraged from your other technologies. Conversely, disqualify them the second a new data point comes in that your main scoring tool might not have known otherwise.

Reduce Cost to Acquire New Customers

Extend Your Tech Stack's Capabilities

Remove technical limitations from your technologies and get the most from your investment. API not good enough from a particular tool? Can't get the exact data you want, but you know it's there? Use Hull to extend it. Need a tool to be able to react to what another is doing, but no integration is available? Use Hull to not only listen, but react.

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Save $$$ in Platform Costs

Advanced Segmentation Capabilities

You ever wish you could segment based off of criterion from one tool and criterion from another tool? Now you can combine that and so much more - all without having to spend a dime on development.

Free the API

Never get punished for the amount of API calls you make to your CRM or platform. This means more dollars in your pocket.

React in Real-time

Behavior-Driven Nurture and Automation

Enhance your automation strategy by reacting the second someone does a high-quality action and fits a high-quality profile. With the combined vision of all the tools that matter the most, you can shorten the time for a prospect to become a lead, and a lead to an MQL.

Create Personalized Content

Convert more leads with more relevant, personal messages. Use data from all your tools to create precise segments. Target the right people at the right time and tweak with dynamic, personal content via email, live chat and more. Works with your favorite tools like HubSpot, Intercom, and more.

Infinitely Smarter Marketing

Reveal Anonymous Traffic

Don't fly blind. With Hull, you can run marketing campaigns and automate your outbound strategy on traffic that hasn't even completed a form yet. Now that's powerful and revenue-generating. Customers like Segment are already doing this and seeing direct ROI.

Highly Personalized Messages 

Auto-generate messaging from any mixture of technographic, firmographic, or behavioral attributes from any mixture of data sources you choose. Or simply use Hull as the literal hull - the greatest customer database and reference tool of them all.

Maintain Data Integrity

Boost your data reliability to 100% with customer profiles that can collect just about any type of data imaginable. Always have an answer for if you can pull a certain segment based on your criterion, and then put it to work for you.

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The Marketing Problem:

Can't get a high-level view of all of your customer data

Customer data exists in several tools you don't own or control

Leads slip through the cracks because of unreliable syncing issues

Don't have the most complete information when providing leads to Sales

Marketing automation platform only accepts certain types of fields and activity

Lead scoring and grading severely limited by types of information you can collect

Data integration very costly due to APIs charges

Don't have the internal resources to dedicate to time-sensitive integrations

The Hull Solution:

Unify your customer data into one singular platform

Get both the bird's eye view of your customer and the drill-down into tool-specific activities

Ensure leads arrive safely to where they need to be

Automate your outreach and provide Sales with the insights they need to take action

Collect many different data types - like events and flexible attributes - from all of your tools and sources

Enrich lead scoring and grading with information from other platforms and tools

Save time and $$$ from platform costs

Extend your platforms functionality and allow it to talk to other tools

What Our Customers Say

"Aligning customer audiences across multiple tools is a pain that all marketing and growth teams teams face. Because Hull centralizes the data store and segmentation engine, we've reduced campaign overhead dramatically."

Guillame Cabane

VP Growth at Segment

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