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Tired of the Same Old Data Problems, Different Day?

If you cringe at the thought of your organization's data challenges, then this message is for you. 

Pulling a complete view of every prospect and customer is more challenging than ever. Customer data lives in this platform but it needs to talk to this platform.

There's 5,000+ martech tools, and they absolutely must talk to each other so you can focus on what matters the most: your customers. 

Your data challenges are completely fixable. We can show you how.

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The Data Problem:

Can't get a high-level view of all of your customer data

Customer data exists in several tools you don't own or control

Leads slip through the cracks because of unreliable syncing issues

Don't have the most complete information when providing information to the revenue team

Tech platforms only accept certain types of fields and activity

Lead scoring and grading severely limited by types of information you can collect

Data integration very costly due to APIs charges

Don't have the internal resources to dedicate to time-sensitive integrations

The Hull Solution:

Unify your customer data into one singular platform

Get both the bird's eye view of your customer and the drill-down into tool-specific activities

Ensure leads arrive safely to where they need to be

Automate your outreach and provide Sales with the insights they need to take action

Collect many different data types - like events and flexible attributes - from all of your tools and sources

Enrich lead scoring and grading with information from other platforms and tools

Save time and $$$ from platform costs

Extend your platforms functionality and allow it to talk to other tools

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Your customer data is all over the place. But how do you bring it all together?  As you grow up as a company, each of your sales, marketing, and customer-facing teams buy tools to help solve the problems they have. 

In isolation, this makes total sense. But a growing set of tools within teams means your customer data ends up being siloed away. Here's how to fix it.

For Supporting the Sales Team

Work Quality Leads with Quality Touches

Need your support your sales team with the data they need to do the best job? Ensure Sales only works qualified leads with quality touches. 

Learn more about ways you can fix the data pain.

For Supporting Marketing

Get Marketing Results from Your Data

Don't fly blind. With Hull, you can enable marketing to run campaigns and automate your organization's outbound strategy on traffic that hasn't even completed a form yet.

Better still, get the bird's eye view of your customers and pull the data that matters the most - any channel, any time.

What Our Customers Say

"Aligning customer audiences across multiple tools is a pain that all marketing and growth teams teams face. Because Hull centralizes the data store and segmentation engine, we've reduced campaign overhead dramatically."

Guillame Cabane

VP Growth at Segment

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