How Appcues Enabled Sales with Actionable Product Usage Data

Learn more about how to build a reactive sales process using actionable data from Mixpanel.

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Appcues Builds a Reactive Sales Process with Hull

Appcues is a B2B SaaS company that lets companies build simple in-product experiences without writing code. Their customer’s use them for onboarding, feature adoption and retaining users. 

With more free trial customers than their sales team could easily manage, and no easy way to get that data into the CRM their sales team used, Appcues came to Hull to bring the data that sales needed into the tools that sales used.

John Sherer

Director of Sales and Growth at Appcues

"Hull allows us to identify key moments when a prospect is moving through the buyers journey and in real time react to those moments via automation or with a person to help the customer take the next step. We have a lot of future plans for hull. It's a weapon for us."

The Challenge

Like many B2B SaaS companies, Appcues had built a sales workflow and pipeline around a free trial.  

Their sales growth manager John Sherer and marketing manager Ty Magnin wanted to give their sales team insights into which free trial accounts were getting the most value and were most likely to convert, and to power emails to nurture more people through to funnel to the point of getting value.  

Appcues used Hull to concentrate their small sales team on the accounts which are most likely to close. As a B2B SaaS company, a sales cycle built around a free trial comes with a specific challenge.  

A free trial model requires effective usage first - sales has to sell both the vision and the reality. Therefore, sales needs to know who is demonstrating signs of effective usage.

" We want to alert sales to people who are using the product effectively within the trial so they can prioritise their time to be spent with those people. "

This data was being tracked and recorded already in Mixpanel - their analytics tool of choice. But, their sales team used HubSpot CRM which doesn’t have a way to access this data. 

Also, Mixpanel doesn’t make it easy for a sales person to get a quick overview of which free trial accounts are ready to convert. HubSpot has all the accounts, but not the behavioral data that sits in Mixpanel.


User Acquisition Manager, Lengow

"What makes Hull priceless for us is you can do all those things without a huge amount of custom development."


Data Operations Manager, Mention

"Customer success and sales are very, very happy. I can give them whatever information they want, and I don’t need a backend developer."


Ex-VP of Growth, Segment

"Aligning customer audiences across multiple tools is a pain that all marketing & growth teams face. Because Hull centralizes the data store & segmentation engine we've reduced campaign overhead dramatically."

" Salespeople shouldn’t be in Mixpanel - it’s ineffective for them. "

A sales person could dig into every target account they suspected might be performing well, but this would involve a lot of guesswork and wasted time. They didn’t want their sales team “bouncing” between tools.

On top of that, when they tried automating the process by sending data through the HubSpot API, they found a significant amount of data was lost when it was passed over to HubSpot. This made the records unreliable and didn’t give the sales team any confidence in the data.

" [The data] was only coming in 1 out of 4 times. There was no way to predict when it would come in. It was completely unreliable, therefore we did not do it. We tried. Didn’t work. "

The Solution

For Appcues, optimizing this workflow allowed them to maximise the value generated by their small sales team. This starts with getting the right data into the right tool in a way that was immediately useful.

First, the Hull team leveraged its Processor to get events data from Mixpanel into Hubspot in a way that sales can actually use and assign a “usage score” to indicate engagement.

The Hull team worked with Appcues to produce this code during setup. The resulting “usage score” could then be synced as a property across to HubSpot CRM for sales and marketing to use. 

Outside of sales, Appcues also wanted to nurture subscribers-to-trial and trial-to-conversion via email based on different personas. Since they used HubSpot for their marketing emails, they had the same problem as their sales process of reliably sourcing the data they needed into the tools which they wanted to use.

With all these insights aggregated into marketing tools, it became easier to see a zoomed-out view of which trial customers were good and bad fits based on usage and company size.

With Hull, they could add the usage data they needed to create effective, automated campaigns in the tool they already had - without needing to bolt on another point solution tool. Hull gave them the option to manage this all from HubSpot.

Hull also sends over all the raw data points to make it visible on the HubSpot CRM contact profile.Besides usage data, this also included Clearbit data (extensive profile data on a person and a company).

" Hull is the way we get our data into HubSpot - it has helped us get a ton more lifetime and potential out of the HubSpot CRM. "

Thomas was surprised by the benefits of managing his contacts in Hull instead of in Salesforce. 

The Results

Within the first month of using, John was able to help Appcues:

Boosted data reliability from 25% to 100% in CRM

Drastically reduced time wasted on their sales team by creating a reactive sales workflow in Slack and their CRM.

Removed the need for a developer or manager for getting essential data to their sales reps.

Eliminated 30% unqualified trial customers from their sales pipeline.

Filter out unnecessary data, and deliver only segmented, relevant data to the right teams in the right tools at the right time - and enabled those teams to trust the data they received again. Less noise, more actionable data. 

Avoided a costly migration to Salesforce.

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