The Complete Guide to Product Qualified Leads

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Chapter 1: Why write a guide to PQLs?

Chapter 2: The foundation of everything: understanding your best customers

Chapter 3: Customer data: quantitative & qualitative

Chapter 4: Gathering and Organizing Your Product Data

Chapter 5: Identify your “aha!” moments

Chapter 6: Automating qualification and segmentation

Chapter 7: Gathering data on your customers’ pains & JTBD

Chapter 8: Identifying Your "Voice of Customer" 

Chapter 9: Creating high-converting content for each segment

Chapter 10: How to build cross-functional teams for PQLs

Chapter 11: Bringing it all together

Chapter 12: Closing thoughts

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Chapter 2: The foundation of everything: understanding your best customers

If you don’t understand…

     - Who your users are

     - What they’re doing on your marketing site + inside your product

     - Why they were motivated to sign up

     - Which big goals they’re trying to achieve with your product

You’ll struggle to effectively personalize, segment, and craft messaging that increases trial > paid conversions.

Personalization and segmentation are about making sure people only receive relevant communication. 

Crafting the right message is about making sure people only receive compelling communication (specifically, compelling enough to take action).

Without effective segmentation, personalization, and proper messaging, you risk ignoring how people engage with your product. This results in communication that’s irrelevant and, consequently, annoying. 

For example, this “trial ending” email I received from an email follow-up tool is: 

     - Irrelevant to how I was using the product

     - Uncompelling; there’s no emphasis on how this tool makes my life better, so I feel no need to purchase it

As a result, I’m highly unlikely to take out my credit card:

...Or you risk turning readers off by focusing too much on how cool you are / your product is, instead of proving you understand what your user is here to accomplish:

So: what’s the antidote to irrelevant, uncompelling communication with your leads?

Collecting and learning from customer data.

If your mission is to increase trial-to-paid conversions, it’s essential to gather and analyze customer data -- which you’ll use to properly segment your user base, craft appropriate messaging for each segment, and personalize communication.

Let’s look at which details are most important to collect.

Authored By

Claire Suellentrop

Founder, LoveYourCustomers

Claire Suellentrop helps high-growth SaaS companies get inside their customers’ heads. Previously the Director of Marketing and #2 employee at Calendly, she’s seen firsthand that truly effective marketing stems from a deep understanding of existing users’ needs.   

Now, she works with companies like Wistia, FullStory, and MeetEdgar to uncover their best customers’ needs and desires, then uses those juicy details to create more relevant, high-converting marketing and onboarding campaigns. 

Ed Fry

Head of Growth,

Ed Fry is passionate about helping marketers grow their organizations and directly contribute to revenue. He was the first employee at and worked with thought-leaders like Rand Fishkin, Co-Founder of Moz, and Dharmesh Shah, Co-Founder of HubSpot. During his tenure, membership grew from 5,000 to 165,000+ members between 2012 and 2016.

Ed currently oversees Growth at Hull - a customer data management platform that eliminates data problems for marketing and sales teams alike. 

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